Symposium for Molecular Medicine :June 2019

Symposium for Molecular Medicine

FRIDAY, JUNE 28 2019, The Stuko Tel Aviv

:Scientific Program

08:30 Assembling

Session I
Research and Backgrounds for Molecular Medicine

09:00 Actual Status and new development of local injection therapies
          in joint and spine disease, Peter Wehling
09:45 Stem Cells: Hype or real clinical progress, Thomas Pap
10:30 Brunch

Session II
Clinical Use of Molecular Medicine in Orthopedics

11:00 Spine and lower back – Case discussion, Stephan Bensoussan
11:10 Knee Osteoarthritis – Case discussion, Itamar Botzer
11:20 Hip pathologies, David Morgenstern
11:30 Abductor tendinopathy – Case discussion, Itay Perets
11:40 PRP injections – Indications, Dror Lindner
11:50 Podiums Discussion, Gabriel Agar
12:20 Desert Bar

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